Quick Connect 19mm (3/4″)



We are particularly proud of these as they capture the innovation and quality that Wedgit stands for. Wedgit hose connectors offer an extremely robust alternative to the current standard in hose connectors, yet fully connectable to that standard. They are manufactured in a higher grade UV stabilised engineering polymer resulting in superior mechanical strength and rigidity and, with reduced moving parts, offering a very robust alternative. The hose nut insures an unequalled bond to the hose whilst a young child can connect Wedgit to the tap or an accessory with ease. Locking the Wedgit Hose connector is optional. Offered in 2 sizes: 13mm (1/2″) and 19mm (3/4″).

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  1. Paul Newman

    Wedgit Quick Connects were simple and quick to fit onto my hoses. The locking mechanism is easy to operate and creates a really sturdy and solid connection after coupling. What I really like is that there are minimal moving parts when compared to other garden coupling systems. Connecting to other taps, hoses and accessories like spray nozzles is simple and requires virtually no effort but it seals really well. I see some of my taps leaking but no leaks on any of my Wedgit connections. I’m a happy customer with two thumbs up! This is a highly recommended product! I’m busy converting all my taps and hoses to Wedgit.

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