Spring in South Africa!



It’s spring! This season is undoubtedly nature’s most beautiful masterpiece.

If you are eager to get planting, here are 3 beautifully colourful, hardy, and most importantly WATER WISE plants that could brighten up your garden all year round.

  1. Agapanthus – This plant’s blueish-purple or white flowers make quite the statement wherever you plant them. Expect to see those flowers bloom in summer!
  1. Strelitzia regnae (Bird of paradise) – The majestic orange and purple flowers look amazing against the green backdrop of a garden. It can flourish in all types of soil, sun or shade.
  1. Lavender – Why not plant some lavender? It is ideal for that sunny spot, smells amazing, and will attract loads of bees and butterflies to your garden. Remember to cut your lavender back twice per year (early spring and mid-summer).

When you need to water your plants, make sure your connection is leak-free! At Wedgit, we are your go-to partner for water-wise, kink-resistant garden hoses and leak-free garden hose connectors.

Because gardening should be practical and fun.

Made in South Africa for South African climates!

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