Grey Water Harvester – 50mm Outlets; 13mm Hose Coupling



The Wedgit Grey Water Harvester channels your grey water from your bath or basin to your garden by connecting the grey water outlet to your garden hose. Note that the water will run out at a lower rate than usual. This fitting is therefore not suitable for coupling to outlets of washing machines and dishwashers.

Simply fit the connector over the 50mm outlet drain pipe and connect your garden hose to the connector using the Wedgit Quick Connect.

Wedgit offer tough, leak-free garden hose connectors, tested to withstand pressures up to 17 bar, and offering a very strong connection to the hose. The unique patented coupling technology is compatible to older click-on system, using the converter cap.

Wedgit connectors fit any type of garden hose. However, the unique 9-sided kink resistant Wedgit Premium Garden Hose is the ideal companion for our durable hose fitting range.

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