Wedgit Quick Connect

Wedgit Quick Connect

We are particularly proud of these as they capture the innovation and quality that Wedgit stands for. Wedgit hose connectors offer an extremely robust alternative to the current standard in hose connectors, yet fully connectable to that standard. They are manufactured in a higher grade UV stabilised engineering polymer resulting in superior mechanical strength and rigidity and, with reduced moving parts, offering a very robust alternative. The hose nut insures an unequalled bond to the hose whilst a young child can connect Wedgit to the tap or an accessory with ease. Locking the Wedgit Hose connector is optional. Offered in 2 sizes: 13mm (1/2″) and 19mm (3/4″).


Wedgit Converter Caps

Do you have an existing hose connection system? No problem! Pop these inexpensive caps onto the end of any male connector you already have and now you can use the Wedgit system on your hosepipe. No need to buy new tap connectors or new spray accessories. These caps will convert your old system to the new robust Wedgit system.


Wedgit Tap connectors

Every Wedgit part is made of the same UV stabilised high grade engineering polymer, offering many years of robust and quality service. Available in 33.3mm (1″), 26.5mm (3/4″), 23mm (5/8″) or a 21mm (1/2″) thread forms.


Wedgit Thread adaptors

Adapts a 26.5 (3/4″) internal thread (such as a tap connector) to either a 16mm (5/8″) or a 12.5mm (1/2″) internal thread.


Wedgit Hose -to-hose couplers

Now you can easily lengthen your hosepipe by coupling 2 or 3 Wedgit-fitted-hosepipes together. Available as a straight hose-to-hose or a Y-hose-to-hose coupler.


Wedgit Hose Repair

As the name suggests -these are useful in the permanent repairing or joining of 2 hosepipes or pieces of hosepipe of the same diameter. They boast the super secure bond of a double hose-nut, ensuring that the hose will not pull apart at that join again. Available for 13mm (1/2″) and 19mm (3/4″) hosepipe. Hint: on old hose, dip the hose ends in a cup of hot water to soften them.


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