Thank you very MULCH!

What is mulch, and how can it help your waterwise garden?

The longevity of anything good you do in the garden really depends on how well you grasp the benefits thereof.
So let’s dig into the benefits of mulch.

Mulch, a layer of organic material placed on top of exposed soil is great because it:
- Helps the soil hold moisture better
- Adds nutrients to the ground
- Improves drainage and aeration
- Prevents plants from drying out, meaning less watering needed
- Ensures optimal temperatures
- Protects plants and ground
- Reduces weeds

The following types of natural and biodegradable matter acts as excellent mulch for beds and pots:
- Leaves
- Wood chips
- Tree bark
- Straw
- Grass clippings
- Compost

If you are someone who enjoys watering your garden by hand, Wedgit is your waterwise garden companion. Our leak-free hose fittings, sprayers and nozzles, and kink-resistant hoses will make watering your garden an absolute pleasure.

Because gardening should be practical and fun.

Made in South Africa for South African climates.

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Conserving water

#DidYouKnow South Africa is the 30th driest country in the world? As we desperately wait for the season’s rain, it is important to rethink how we use water in the garden and conserve where we can.


  1. Go for the broom instead.
  2. Harvest rainwater.
  3. If you have to water, water early in the mornings.
  4. Make sure your hose connectors are leak-free and your sprinkler systems are in perfect working condition.
  5. Plant water wise and indigenous plants.
  6. Mulch!
  7. Replace unnecessary or overly thirsty sections of turf grass with mulched beds.

– – .

Because gardening should be practical and fun.

Made in South Africa for South African climates!

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Spring in South Africa!



It’s spring! This season is undoubtedly nature’s most beautiful masterpiece.

If you are eager to get planting, here are 3 beautifully colourful, hardy, and most importantly WATER WISE plants that could brighten up your garden all year round.

  1. Agapanthus – This plant’s blueish-purple or white flowers make quite the statement wherever you plant them. Expect to see those flowers bloom in summer!
  1. Strelitzia regnae (Bird of paradise) – The majestic orange and purple flowers look amazing against the green backdrop of a garden. It can flourish in all types of soil, sun or shade.
  1. Lavender – Why not plant some lavender? It is ideal for that sunny spot, smells amazing, and will attract loads of bees and butterflies to your garden. Remember to cut your lavender back twice per year (early spring and mid-summer).

When you need to water your plants, make sure your connection is leak-free! At Wedgit, we are your go-to partner for water-wise, kink-resistant garden hoses and leak-free garden hose connectors.

Because gardening should be practical and fun.

Made in South Africa for South African climates!

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Wedgit appoints Vermont Sales as Exclusive Distributor for Southern Africa

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Vermont Sales as our exclusive distribution partner in Southern Africa. We are confident that the Wedgit brand will benefit from our partnership with Vermont, who is known for excellent customer service and their extensive reach to thousands of retailers in Southern Africa.   Vermont’s experience in establishing quality brands in the market place promises to unlock the vast potential of the innovative Wedgit product range.

All Southern African Trade Enquiries can be directed to Vermont on +27 11 314 7711.

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Wedgit Premium Garden Hose Launched

The Wedgit Premium Garden Hose (12mm / ½”) is a tough and robust garden hose; a fitting companion to the tough Wedgit Hose Couplings, and a fitting companion to your garden. It is a unique 9-faceted hose – which reduces kinking. Manufactured from UV treated materials and containing no heavy metals, this hose promises to be durable and friendly to the environment as well.premium-hose

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New Wedgit Stockists

A warm welcome to the following new stockist of Wedgit:

  • Cape Garden Centre – Stellenbosch
  • Cape Garden Centre – Somerset West
  • Benbel Garden – Somerset Value Mart
  • Benbel – Somerset Main Road
  • Benbel – Strand (Southside Centre)
  • Midstream Garden Centre – Midstream Estate
  • Aquatec Solutions – Midrand
  • Farm City – Atterbury (Pretoria)
  • Farm City – Pierre van Ryneveld
  • Farm City – Ruimsig (Roodepoort)
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Wedgit Premium Garden Hose Coming Soon

The Wedgit Premium Garden Hose (12mm / ½”) will be launched in early December 2016. Featuring a Burst Pressure rating of 35 bar it promises to be a leader in the field (and on the lawn). It will be bundled with the Wedgit Starter Set containing the unique robust Wedgit hose couplings (Quick Connect, Tap Connector, Adjustable Nozzle and Converter Caps).


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Roll out to Retailers continue

The exciting Wedgit product range is being rolled out to retailers of choice. We welcome the following new stockists of Wedgit:

  • Safari Garden Centre (The Willows, Pretoria East)
  • Cape Garden Centre (Joostenbergvlakte, Cape Town)
  • Garden Mecca Nursery (Valhalla, Centurion)
  • Eden Gardens Nursery (Waterkloof Lifestyle Centre, Pretoria)
  • Hilton Garden Centre (Hilton, Pietermaritzburg)
  • Stewarts and Lloyds Irrigation Longmeadow (Greenstone)
  • Stewarts and Lloyds Irrigation Boksburg
  • Stewarts and Lloyds Irrigation Klerksdorp
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Distribution Partner – Western Cape

We are pleased to welcome Makhro Home and Garden as distributor of the Wedgit product range in the Western Cape. Jaco, Wilmar, we are excited to work with you and your team and look forward to the adventure ahead. We wish you all success in marketing this exciting new product to the people of the Western Cape.

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Wedgit launches on Takealot

The Wedgit Starter Sets are now available on South Africa’s leading online retailer, This puts the innovative Wedgit range within reach of all South Africans, irrespective of your location.


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Starter Set offer great value for money

The Wedgit Starter Sets make their debut this weekend. These combo packs offer great value for money – selling at approximately 60% discount to the normal retail price of the individual items.wedgit starter pack

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Retail Launch at Chamberlains, Pretoria

Great news! The innovative WEDGIT gardenhose connectors will be launched this weekend at Chamberlains Centurion and Montana branches. Pay us a visit: Henk and Johan will be present to meet all prospective Wedgitarians, and to demonstrate the unique patented coupling technology.

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Completion of Commercial Production

After a week of hard work – moulding, assembly and packing – our WEDGIT inventory is now ready to hit the shelves.

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Commercial Production Commences in Randburg, South Africa

Today marks an historic moment in WEDGIT’s journey: commercial production commences in Randburg, South Africa. We are excited about the next phase of our journey and look forward to offering this great new innovation to the public in the near future.

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Wedgit Production Moulds being shipped to South Africa


The WEDGIT production moulds are currently being shipped to South Africa where the connector range will be manufactured.

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Completion of Wedgit Production Moulds


Thank you, Odin, Mr Po, Koris, Joe, and the rest of your team for the great work that you have done on our production moulds. Your enthusiasm and dedication to quality and excellence have been a tremendous blessing to us.

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WEDGIT is Compatible to Existing Sprayers


The innovative new WEDGIT Garden Hose connector system is compatible to existing products in the market. Simply slide the WEDGIT Convertor Cap (pictured above) over the male section of your existing sprayer/nozzle to convert it into a WEDGIT male.


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Manufacturing of Wedgit Tools Progressing Well

The manufacturing of the production moulds for the WEDGIT Range of Garden Hose Connectors are making good progress.  Final touches and improvements are currently being applied. Upon completion the moulds will be shipped to South Africa, where the connector range will be manufactured in Johannesburg.  More details to follow.

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Wedgit Update

The exciting new Wedgit Garden Hose Connectors have undergone the final round of refinements before initiating the manufacturing of the production tools. The finer details of the product design have been reviewed, considering functional excellence, potential cost savings and aesthetics.

We have had a specialist mould designer finalise the Wedgit Production tools, assuring functionally outstanding moulds of the highest standard and delivering products of unparalleled quality whilst ensuring production efficiency.

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Wedgit designs almost finalised

The innovative Wedgit range of hose connectors are undergoing the final touches of design optimisation, whereafter the tool designs will be finalised.  This concludes an intense process of product design, testing (based on a set of prototypes that was made), optimisation and design improvements.  The next phase in this exciting development is about to be launched, namely the manufacturing of the production moulds for the range of hose connecting fittings.  This process will proceed as soon as the final tool designs have been completed, and the necessary funding has been secured.

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