Gardening Tips

Invasive plants overgrow our native plants and trees

#DidYouKnow that 1.44 ㎥ water per year is lost due to invasive plants? Invasive plants overgrow our native plants and trees disrupting the natural health of the ecosystem.

Join the Wedgit Invasive Plant Police by:

  1. Making sure everything in your yard is native, and getting rid of invasive species. (Find a list here: ). Remember to obtain advice on the best and most responsible way to get rid of the plants.
  2. Plant a native alternative in its place.
  3. Take the cause to the neighbourhood. Talk to the neighbours and municipality if you notice alien species locally, and take action.

We are all aware of invasive species like Poppom weeds and Bug weeds but did you know some cacti species are also alien? Look out for the Queen of the night (apple cactus) and the Torch cactus.

Wedgit is your water-wise gardening partner. We have engineered and manufactured drip-free garden hose connectors and kink-resistant garden hoses that withstand South African climates.

Take out the hassle of manual garden watering with Wedgit.

Because gardening should be practical and fun!


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