Hoses and Connectors

Durable leak-free garden hose connectors.

for the water-wise gardener

Manufactured in South Africa – designed for local climatic conditions

Wedgit coupling technology was designed by South Africans understanding the harsh local climatic conditions. The entire range of hoses and connectors are manufactured in South Africa.Learn More

Innovative Garden Hose Connectors

Wedgit hose couplings are tough – made from engineering-grade polymers, are Leak-free – tested to 17 bar (three times municipal water pressure), and offers a strong connection to any type of hose – strong enough to tow a car (we tried it!). The patented (pending) coupling technology is compatible with current sprayers and nozzles – using the converter cap

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Kink-Resistant Garden Hose

The Wedgit Premium Garden Hose is a unique 9-sided (faceted) hose – to reduce kinking, has a 10 Year Design Life, and offers burst pressure of 35 bar (12mm / ½”) and 28 bar (19mm / ¾”) respectively. Manufactured from UV-stabilised and Heavy Metal Free materials.

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Water is a precious resource.  We want to facilitate the optimised distribution of this valuable resource through appropriate delivery systems, and plan to become a growing contributor in the world of responsible water management.  We aim to make this resource accessible to a larger group of people.

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