How it started

A warm weekend summers day – the African sun baking down relentlessly – a lush garden yearning for refreshment – time to water. Henk connects the hose, turns the tap, water pouring from the leaky cracked connector – again. Game over.

And so, through frustration, the quest to design a better garden hose connector began. The requirement simple: develop an easy to use, robust, non-leaking connector. Not long and the concept started taking shape – an entirely new approach to pipe connectors was born.

About Us

The Wedgit concept typifies its inventors’ approach to design and to life: to keep it simple, practical, and robust while ensuring pleasing aesthetics.  Henk and Alexis are experienced product innovators and designers who have developed a multitude of pioneering products over the past three decades.  Many of these have found their way to the mass consumer market, including products that are marketed internationally under well-known brands.  The innovators were joined in 2013 by Johan to assist with the commercialising, manufacturing and marketing of the Wedgit range of products internationally.


We enjoy crafting creative solutions and making a difference to the world and its people, whether through innovating new products, or finding solutions to business problems.  However, there is more to life than products and profits.  Hence, we value reaching out to less privileged individuals and communities. Water for Africa is a non-profit organisation that was created by the Wedgit team to serve as a vehicle for making a difference in the lives of needy individuals and communities in Africa, specifically focussing on the provision of running potable water to households and small farmers.

Our Vision

Water is seldom a much talked about topic, yet it stands central to life.  Without it, life as we know it on our beautiful planet will cease.  It’s not only a source of life, but also of enjoyment.  Gardens, whether for entertainment or for sustainment, bring joy all over the world.  Our vision is to contribute to that joy by supplying a range of products that are beautiful to look at, a pleasure to use, and which offer unmatched performance.

Our Objectives

Water is a precious resource.  We want to facilitate the optimised distribution of this valuable resource through appropriate delivery systems, and plan to become a growing contributor in the world of responsible water management.  We aim to make this resource accessible to a larger group of people.